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Pre-Baby Catch-up!

It has been a busy couple weeks getting ready to have the baby, so we're a little behind on posting updates and pics. Imagine our surprise when we went to the sonogram doctor on Thursday and he recommended that we induce Melissa this coming week! Simply is about 5lbs. 8oz, which given the size of her parents isn't too bad, but compared to the national average is on the small side. Go figure.

Our OB concurred, so we were voluntold for an OB appt. early Friday morning. After a quick exam and then checking her schedule the doctor essentially said "So, does Tuesday work for you?". With that, we were given a prescription to arrive at the hospital around midnight Monday, 6/19 and we expect to have a bouncing baby girl sometime on Tuesday, 6/20!!!!

Since the next post will of course be of Simply's arrival, this post will cram in a bunch of things that have happened over the last several weeks :)

- Team Tour D'Cure representz @ The National Race For The Cure
- Parklawn Baby Shower!
- G-Unit Baby Shower!
- Belly Shotz June 2006!!

Here's To Parenthood!
-Hart & Melissa

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Suzy and Matt:

Hi guys.
We are SO excited about Simply's entrance into the world. Too much to say to put in an email. Have an easy delivery, Liss (and don't curse at Hart too much!!) Can I be a great Aunt???
Hugs,hugs,hugs, love,love,love.

Suz and Matt


Looks like we are going to need to get you a TV tray once Simply comes out...where else will you put your beverages!?!??!


that's so exciting!!!!

there's really nothing more i can say than i hope everything goes well tonight/tomorrow!

you guys are going to be awesome parents

Dionne Davis:

Congratulations to the entire Rossman Family. Simply can't imagine how blessed she is gonna be to be joining a family like yours. The very best to Melissa as you bring forth this incredible life.
P.S. Grandma rocks!!


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