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Hurtling Towards The Holidays

A word about Thanksgiving at the Rossman House: YUMMY!

It was wonderful! We had dear friends, family, my sisters' boyfriend's family, and more food than the whole lot of us could eat! We missed the Dorfman clan and friends who could not be with us...but were all very thankful for health, happiness, and the company of those we care about.

In other news, Melissa is currently involved in final exams and fixating on finding a good latka recipe for this year. I'm busy doing stuff at work and thinking about our upcoming winter vacation to Arizona. I'm also putting in time running my new website: www.securitythoughts.com.

Take care!

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Suzy and Matt Wheeler:

Tres nice!!! Loved the Arizona bit! See you guys on the 21st. Looks like a bash in progress!!

Very cool site. I suppose one day we may all get a finger in the mail.......

Aunt T:

My exact thoughts Traci - Very cool site! You're amazing Hart -- don't know when you find the time to do all this. Love you lots!!


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