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Rock and Roll Half additional Pics

I was just checking some old e-mail and ran across a promotion from the photo sponsor of the Viriginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon that I ran over labor day weekend. Included in the promotion were some shots taken during the race of me which they wanted me to buy. I'm not interested in buying...but I am interested in sharing those photos through our website :)

The time shown on the clock in "crossing the finish line" is off by about 8 minutes due to the fact that I was stuck back in corral 16 and it took about 8 minutes of walking to get from way back there to the actual start line. Call it hubris, but I'm proud of my molasses-slow sub-3hr time :)

Also- note the garmin forerunner GPS 201 watch on my wrist. It was a birthday present from my wife & mother (they know me so well they both got one for me!) I use it everytime I run and really love it!




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